Winning the Money Game, Living Frugal and Saving on Vacation

Living frugal and saving on vacation just require a new way of thinking and a slight adjustment in lifestyle. Winning the money game means keeping more of the hard-earned income and deciding when and how it will be spent. With this exciting concept consumers are in charge of their lives and their money.

By taking control away from advertising agencies, fast food restaurants, luxury car commercials and everything else people are constantly encouraged to buy, individuals make conscious financial choices. These choices include where a person lives, vacation plans and comfortable lifestyle changes.


The Best Way To Live Frugal And Save During Vacation

Choosing a money-saving state to reside in and buying an RV are the best ways to live economically and save during vacation. Currently there are seven states without state income tax and two states with limited income tax. Although choosing one of these as a residence is easier for retirees, workers can reside in one state and work in another if it makes financial sense.

The tax friendly states are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. New Hampshire and Tennessee only collect tax on dividends and interest income.

By choosing one of these states with cheap vehicle licensing fees, residents are living inexpensive while on vacation, too. For example, Washington licenses an RV for $112 and a travel trailer for $40 a year.

Many retirees give up home owner and enjoyed the freedom and simplicity of RV living. By saying goodbye to expensive home maintenance and thousands of dollars in property taxes, living frugal and saving on vacation is relaxing. For these nomads, heading south in the winter and north in the summer makes exploring the country easy.

National Parks offer inexpensive camping spots and some Burlington Northern land allows people to dry camp up to two weeks free of charge. Employed people can enjoy this freedom by renting a less expensive home or apartment and escaping any time to the mountains, beaches, parks or other cities.



Simple Lifestyle Changes to Living Frugal and Saving While on Vacation

Living  cheap and saving on vacation is as simple as buying food in bulk, planning special activities and making travel arrangements early or at the last-minute. Even a single person can take advantage of a super sale on 4 pounds of meat with a freezer and a few moments spent repackaging the meat into serving size portions.

Instead of meeting at the bar or the movies early Saturday, planning a picnic in the park with a game of touch football or kite flying is healthier and cheaper entertainment.

Airlines, hotels, cruises and resorts offer super sales twice, once in advance and again at the last-minute if spaces are available. By being flexible, consumers can have a great time inexpensively.

Living frugal and saving while on vacation is fun. Consumers have more money to spend on what they want. This lifestyle may be as simple as moving to a state without state income tax, buying a RV and giving up home ownership or making small, painless lifestyle adjustments.


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