Top Tips for Moving Cheap

Moving cheap, you don’t spend too much of your retirement fund on your home move by following some basic tips.

If you’re moving long distance, it can become an expensive process. Save money by getting a flat fee rather than an hourly rate, and make sure you get it in writing so that there can be no confusion at a later stage. This means that any unexpected delays won’t result in a huge increase in the removal company’s fee. Ask about other expenses, such as packing materials, and try to negotiate a lower price.

If you’re only moving a short distance, ask for a flat fee and an hourly rate and work out what is going to be the most cost effective in moving the inexpensive way. Bear in mind that the lowest hourly rate won’t necessarily be the cheapest option; this will be determined by how many workers there will be and how skilled they are. Ask for references from a few removal companies and try to find one that will do a good job for a reasonable rate.

If the boxes and packing tape seem too pricey, source your own. It is worth going to the extra effort to do this as you can often find supplies far cheaper elsewhere. The internet is a good place to start; compare what different companies are offering and make sure that you only buy what you need.

Only buy the supplies that are absolutely necessary. Towels, sweaters and bedding can be used as padding for fragile items.

You might think you need lots of bubble wrap for all your vases and glassware, but old newspaper will work just as well. Ask neighbors and friends to save their used newspapers in the weeks leading up to your move and you will have more than enough.

While you’re at it, ask others to help you out with the packing and moving itself. Reducing the manpower you need to pay for is a way to make major savings and a way of moving cheap. Most people are happy to lend a hand; treat all your helpers to a home cooked meal to show that you appreciate their assistance.


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