An Introduction to Park Model Mobile Homes

Park model mobile homes are like RVs in some ways, except they are not made for constant travel. They are smaller than the average house but still quite spacious. They are comfortable and can be purchased fully furnished for anywhere from $20,000 – $50,000. These homes are then parked in a mobile home park or park model. One has to pay a monthly free from $250 – $350 to the park model; however, most park models provide a lot in return. Park models often have swimming pools, golf courses and many other amenities that make park model mobile home living fun and enjoyable. Following is some detailed information for anyone who is considering purchasing a park model mobile home:

Park Mobile Homes – How to Choose the Right One

Park mobile homes come in many sizes and styles. Cabin style mobile homes are not only comfortable but also good looking. They fit in well in any campsite or park model.

However, one will most likely want to pay more attention to the interior of a park model mobile home than to the exterior. The interior of such a home should be well built, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

It should be spacious enough for those who will be living there, but it does not have to be overly large. It is advisable to choose a seller that is listed with the state’s Better Business Bureau.

If the mobile home is a 12 ft. wide model, then it will need to be transported by a professional transportation service as opposed to a regular towing service. Furthermore, one will have to obtain highway permits from every state that the home is transported through. It is much simpler to purchase an 8 ft. wide mobile home with slide-outs.


Park Mobile Homes – Transport and Hookups

A park model mobile home can technically be moved, but it should not be moved all that often. A person that lives in the north but wants to spend his or her winter in the southern United States should consider purchasing a second park model mobile home. Having a park model mobile home moved is both costly and inconvenient.

One will also need to obtain a permit in order to park the mobile home at any given park. Permit requirement vary from state to state, so it is best to ask the park home directly what types of homes are allowed to park there and what permits are required. One should also inform the park model of the type of sewer system that the home has, as this can have a bearing on whether or not the mobile home would be allowed to park there.

Park models have hookups for electricity, water and sanitation. One usually has to pay a onetime fee to have these hookups connected to the home. The cost of having the hookups installed varies from park to park.

Park model mobile homes are not only comfortable but also very cheap. It allows a person with a limited pension to retire comfortably in the state of his or her choice. While it may take a bit of work and an initial investment of money to purchase such a home and find the right place to park it, it is well worth the effort.


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