Retire Cheap or for Less Money

Retire cheap, that’s what is important at present. The economy is tough right now, and you may be wondering how you can even consider retiring. You may think that retirement is too expensive or that you no longer have enough money saved up, if you have not been able to put away as much in recent years as you expected.

However, there are many places that you can go to retire at a low cost, and enjoy living for less money. These places abroad will be exotic and exciting, new and interesting. They will be better than many places that you could go close to home, and, thanks to the way that money works worldwide, you will be able to get to them and stay there for much less than you may ever have expected.


One of the best places to retire cheap is Dominica, an island in the Caribbean that has been called “The Nature Island.”

That nature is one of the reasons to live there, as there are many cheap activities that you can do, such as hiking in the beautiful forests or snorkeling under the sun in the sparkling ocean.

These are the very reasons that many people retire cheap to places like California or Florida, but Dominica has a low cost of living that will make it very affordable. Things just do not cost much on the island, from food to supplies to activities. This may even mean that you can retire to Dominica a few years before you thought you would be able to, getting yourself more time in the sun and surf.


Baja Sur, Mexico

Another great place to retire on a budget is Baja Sur, located in Mexico. Its proximity to the mainland United States is a selling point, as you will not have to be all that far away from those that you know and love if you retire here.

The money situation is much like Dominica, with the cost of living being low. Much shopping can be done in local markets where you can barter for a better deal.

The weather is generally warm and sunny, so you will also not have to spend as much on heating or on clothes for the cold, which will rarely be needed.


A third option is the Philippines. These beautiful islands are surrounded by wide-open seas and have the sun shining down on their long beaches for the majority of the year.

They are exotic and fun to live on, as you will feel the relaxed atmosphere of the islands changing your whole outlook on life.

American money is worth more there, so you can retire on less than it would take to retire in Ohio or Wisconsin, and you will enjoy the lifestyle and surroundings infinitely more.

All in all, there are a number of tropical locations that you can go to and save money. They may look expensive just because they are so beautiful, but the opposite is often the case. You can live there on the money you have, and not have to worry about saving more in the poor economy.

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