Retire In Boquete Panama

Many seek to Retire in Boquete Panama since Forbes magazine named it as a Top 5 retirement haven in 2005.   Panama consistently ranks highly as one of the best places to retire in the world and the name Boquete is now one of the most common places associated with retirement in the country.   There are many reasons to consider Boquete when trying to decide where one can retire in relative comfort.

The Weather Factor

Retire-In-Boquete-PanamaOf course on one the primary reasons people may choose Boquete is the weather.   The Boquete weather is fairly consistent year round.   The average temperature usually ranges from the high 60s to high 70s.   Although there is a lot of rainfall, many showers tend to occur in the late afternoon and pass through as quickly as they come.

However, this rain contributes to the lush green landscape that covers the vast countryside, another attraction for those who retires in Boquete Panama.   The rain tends to be concentrated most during the September through January months.

With the rain and the volcanic soils from the now extinct Volcan Baru, gardeners may find it ideal to retire in this country to take advantage of the soil conditions.   Gardeners can grow anything from coffee to flowers and vegetables.   During the dry seasons, the area gets much strong wind.   The clear air that results from these winds may be great for those who suffer from environmental allergies or other afflictions due to pollution.

Even with the higher temperatures, Boquete tends to be cooler than many of the surrounding coastal regions.   Still, the weather allows one to be out with the other residents who tend to be friendly and welcoming.   There are many opportunities to get involved with the social community even if one is not fluent in Spanish.   There are also the local shops and restaurants in which one can congregate and meet new people.


The Cost of Living in Boquete

Of course there are many other reasons one may want to retire in this country.   One of the reasons many decide to go to this country is because of the reasonable cost of living.   Many people can find that they are able to live fairly comfortable lives on very little money when they retire in Boquete Panama.   In fact, Panama offers a benefit program called Pensionado that is open to anyone with a monthly pension of at least $1000 to create a lower cost of living than in the United States and Europe.   Otherwise, it only costs about $20,000 a year to live in the area.

Medical care is also more affordable.   Many of the doctors in the country have actually trained in the United States, but the cost is still less than healthcare in the US.   The country even has a John-Hopkins affiliate.   There are other financial benefits for those who retire in this place since the national currency is the US dollar.

Another reason some may decide to relocate in Boquete Panama is because the country has other close ties to the United States.   Panama has no military, but the US guarantees its territorial rights.   People are also relatively safe in the country.   Driving in on the right side of the road and retirees from the States can use their own appliances without having to use an adapter.

These are only a few of the reasons people may choose to retire in Boquete Panama.   One can rent a two-bedroom house for approximately $600 a month or invest $175,000 for a small home. In either case, one can find one of several expatriate communities and many other activities to stay occupied in this diverse city.


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