Retire In Columbia, Low Cost But High Quality of Life

Retire in ColumbiaRetire in Columbia for a low cost of living with a high quality of life. While Columbia has developed a negative reputation over the years because the lack of civil liberties, the high rate of kidnappings, a low level of law enforcement security, this country is much more than it is made out to be in the media.

When you sit down and research whether or not your want to retire in this place as opposed to other international locations, you will soon discover that each and every country is suffering some sort of turmoil.

Studies show that the rate of kidnappings is on a decline and is actually lower than those of Haiti and Mexico. In addition to this, drug consumption and illegal activities in Columbia are far lower than the ever popular Europe and North America. If you uncover the benefits of choosing retirement in Columbia, you will be able to make an informed decision to enjoy your Golden Years.


Luxury with a Low Cost of Living

With the current economic crisis, many individuals approaching retirement have been severely impacted. After spending years building a bulky nest egg, up and coming retirees have less than they expected to live off of during their Golden Years.

Retire in ColumbiaBecause of this, countries offering a low cost of living with luxuries that Americans are accustomed to have become enticing. The choice to retire in this country is a wise one for retirees who want affordable costs without sacrificing their quality of life during retirement.

With a comfortable lifestyle and unmatched bargains, you can enjoy the beauties of the land without going broke.


Quality Healthcare Is Just One Step Away

Retire in ColumbiaUnlike many Latin countries, if you retire in Columbia you will have access to an extensive modern healthcare system with up-to-date medicines and treatment options.

Doctors are well-educated and technologies are highly advanced which promote a healthy lifestyle for residents.


While there are several well regarded healthcare establishments in Columbia, the Barraquer Clinic located in Bogata is internationally recognized. In addition to quality healthcare, residents who retire in Columbia can purchase health insurance for almost half the cost of individual insurance in the United States. Columbian people are friendly by nature. While you may have an image painted in your head that the country is full of shady individuals, this is far from the truth. Even if you do not know the Spanish language, the Columbian people will make an attempt to understand you. With both tropical and subtropical regions, and a diverse climate, you will love retiring in Columbia.

In order to attract retirees to retire in Columbia, the government has approved a law making it easy for US citizens to retire in the country. If you are looking for a comfortable place to spend your later years in life that is not too far from the United States, retire in Columbia and visit your family as often as you want.


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