Retire in Nicaragua Easily

Retire in NicaraguaTo retire in Nicaragua is something that many Americans have probably never even considered. As they reach their golden years, thoughts of moving to a cheaper, less taxed, more affordable or warmer place, may cross (or even take up residence) in their minds, but the idea of moving abroad is, for many–if not most–still too intimidating.

This is especially so for Central American countries with a reputation for being dangerous. As it has a recent history darkly colored by the 1979 Sandinista take over, and the consequently devastating civic war, Nicaragua in particular is one place many Americans have no desire to go to at all–let alone live out what is supposed to be the most comfortable time of their life there.


The Draws of Nicaragua

In part however, this is exactly the reason of those who knows of what retirement is in Nicaragua. While popular American retirement towns such as Asheville, North Carolina and Sarasota, Florida may offer convenience and good weather, they are also beginning to suffer from overcrowding, overpopulation, and in many cases, over development. Nicaragua on the other hand, has none of these issues. As it is generally considered both under crowded and undervalued, it has also been featured on MSNBC’s “The Best Kept Retirement Secrets” and listed on US News and World Report as one of the top 10 destinations for retirees in the world.

Retire in NicaraguaThese are not the only draws for those thinking in retiring in Nicaragua, however. In addition to the warm and hospitable climate, and indigenous rain-forest beauty (which remains less explored and wilder than Panama or Costa Rica), Nicaragua also offers a comprehensive retirement package, low property taxes and a very low cost of living. According to AARP, it is so low in fact, that retirees can comfortably live off social security alone.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Deciding on Nicaragua

This is not to say that it is a perfect place though, and if one is thinking to retire in Nicaragua thorough research should be conducted before making a final decision. While the capital city, Managua does have modern amenities such as shopping malls, and casinos, it remains relatively rundown, squat and somewhat ugly.

Furthermore, even though the government realizes the importance both of foreign investors and expats who wants retirement in Nicaragua, when addressing his supporters, President Ortega continues to use revolutionary rhetoric, and political corruption continues to a regular fact for those living there.

Retire in NicaraguaNicaragua is a beautiful place, which (according to Mark Twain on his 1897 visit there) has sunny slopes, breezy dells and shady forests that would make for a great retirement home. Additionally, with its easy going lifestyle, and a warm and peaceful people who are welcoming to retirees, coastal cities such as San Juan Del Sur offer great opportunity for a cozy beach life, while historic cities such as Granada present occasion for afternoon walks among pastel painted buildings.

While it may be too far, or too different for some, for those are willing to try a little adventure or take a chance with something out of the ordinary, to retire in Nicaragua is one of the best options out there.


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