Reasons to Retire in Portugal

Retire in PortugalWhy retire in Portugal? There are many reasons that makes this small European country an ideal retirement destination. For many retirees who have already settled there, the main highlight of Portugal over other European countries, such as France, Spain and Italy, is that huge stretches of the country remain almost entirely unspoilt by tourism. Even in the peak summer season, it is not too difficult to find a quiet beach to relax on.

This is quite different from those over-crowded Spanish coastlines that are packed with vacationers for several months of the year. For retirees who want to become a real part of their new community, this makes Portugal a good choice. It is not without its challenges, naturally; the down side of this is that there are fewer English speakers, so more effort is required to integrate into the local community. If this does not put you off, retiring in Portugal can be a truly rewarding experience.


Retire in Portugal and Change Your Life For the Better

Another reason to retire in Portugal, provided you stay away from the Algarve, is the property market.

It is possible to buy an attractive home for far less than you would pay for a similar property in France, Spain or Italy. When it comes to the cost of living, this is pretty much on a par with other Central European countries. Portugal may not be the cheapest place to retire in Europe, but it is not the most expensive either. Those who have already chosen to retire in Portugal are likely to recommend it on the basis of an overall standard of retirement life, rather than any specific factors. The way of life is laid back and relaxed, which can take some getting used to for those who are used to a faster pace!

The Portuguese love to socialize, enjoy their food and wine and revolve their lives around their families. These traditional values can be hugely appealing to those who have become fed up with the crazy, hi-tech modern world. If you retire here in Portugal you can learn a lot from your new community, and find great comfort and appeal in their slower pace of life. For this reason, choosing to retire in Portugal can actually work out to be cheaper than many other places. You may find that you spend much of your time chatting with new friends over long, leisurely lunches instead of going on expensive shopping trips!

You must not forget the weather when considering retirement in Portugal. The climate is appealing all year long, with hot, dry summers and mild winters.

To sum up, deciding to retire in a country like Portugal can be a challenge, but one that comes with many rewards.


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