Retire Philippines Small yet Beautiful Country

Retire Philippines is an option that a retiree with a limited budget may want to consider. The Philippines is a small yet beautiful group of islands located in Far East Asia. Unlike other Asiatic countries, the Philippines’ national language is English. This makes it easy for a retiree to get around.


Obtaining a Retirement Visa

The Philippines offers a special retirement visa that enables one to stay in the country indefinitely. One would need to have a valid passport, six 6″ by 6″ photos, six 1″ by 1″ photos, police clearance stating that one does not have a criminal record and medical clearance. The last two documents must be authenticated by the Philippine embassy in one’s home country.

Besides presenting these documents and a filled out application form, a person who wants to retire Philippines would need to deposit a minimum amount of money with a Philippine bank. Those over 55 years of age need to deposit $50,000 while those between the ages of 35 and 49 would need to deposit $75,000. This money can only be withdrawn after six months and must then be invested in the Philippines (i.e. by buying a house, vehicle or investing in a local business). The visa processing fee comes to $1,500.


Cost of Retiring in the Philippines

One reason why Philippines is a popular retirement destination is because of its very inexpensive way cost of living. A retiree can rent a three bedroom apartment in the center of town for only $557 a month. Utilities come to a bit over $100 a month, groceries are extremely cheap and a three course meal at a nice restaurant costs an average of $12 per person. A new car is not cheap and gasoline is $1.21 a liter; however, there is a good local transportation system and one can purchase a one month public transport pass for only a bit over $15.


Where to Retire in the Philippines

One of the best places to retire Philippines is Cebu. This beautiful city offers one the opportunity to go swimming, hiking, boating, enjoy a sunny afternoon at the beach or learn adventuresome sports such as skim boarding and windsurfing. Cebu is a modern city with many of the same retail outlets and restaurants that one is used to seeing in the United States or Europe. The only difference is that buying items and eating out in Cebu costs only a fraction of what it would back home.

Another great city to retire in is Baguio City. It is a metropolitan area not far from Manila, but it is relatively small and not overpopulated. Many retirees are attracted to Baguio City because of its slow paced lifestyle, cool weather in the summer and beautiful scenery. As it is not far from Manila, a person who retires here can still enjoy the amenities of a large city without having to live in one.

A person who wants to retire comfortably on a limited budget should consider the Philippines and all that it has to offer. This small country not only has great tropical weather and many forms of entertainment, but also an extremely low cost of living. While the culture and food is different and it may take time for one to adapt, retiring in the Philippines is a great option for a retiree who is looking for a cheap and beautiful place to spend his or her retirement.


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