Is Retiring in Thailand a Good Idea

To retire Thailand can be a good idea if one wants to live a comfortable life on a limited budget. Thailand, like many Asian countries, has a very low cost of living that allows a person to live comfortably on a limited budget. Furthermore, Thailand is well known for its beautiful beaches, touristic sites, modern shopping malls, exotic restaurants and mild winters.


Cost of Living

While it can be quite costly to buy an apartment in the city, renting a nice one bedroom apartment costs only $210 – $366 a month. Basic utilities cost about $60 a month while internet and cable cost another $20 per month. Public transportation is very cheap and very easy to find, enabling a retiree to get around town quickly and easily.

Most foods and beverages are very cheap, although items such as cheese and wine can be pricey. Clothing is much cheaper than it is in the United States or Europe. A meal out at an inexpensive restaurant costs less than $2.50 per person.


Getting a Visa

A person who wants to retire in Thailand should get a retirement visa. This type of visa can either be obtained in one’s home country or after a person has arrived in Thailand with a tourist visa. In order to obtain a retire Thailand visa (officially known as an “O-A” visa) one will need to be at least 50 years old and have a bank letter showing either funds or proof of a regular pension. An applicant will need to have either the equivalent of 800,000 Thai Baht in the bank or have a monthly income of at least 65,000 Thai Baht. (As currency rates change on a regular basis, one should look up what the rate is in his or her currency at the time of applying for a visa).

A person who wants to live a comfortable life on a limited budget may want to retire in Thailand. Thailand not only has numerous entertainment options but also a modern infrastructure that includes top of the line hospitals in all major cities, a subway system, modern shopping malls and all the stores and restaurants that one would find in his or her own home country. It is not difficult to get a retirement visa, as the country welcomes foreigners who want to live in Thailand and enjoy all that this sunny Asian nation has to offer.


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