Why Retire to Mexico by RV

To retire to Mexico by RV can be a pleasant prospect. Mexico is a popular retirement destination with its lovely weather, gorgeous beaches, fascinating Mayan ruins and historical sites. Mexico also has affordable yet quality medical care and an overall low cost of living. A person who retires to Mexico by RV will be able to enjoy all that Mexico has to offer and then cross the border back to the United States to visit family and friends.


The Details Involved in Retiring to Mexico by RV

An American citizen would need a visa in order to retire to Mexico. A retiree who travels back and forth from Mexico to the United States can obtain a six month visa at the border. This visa is valid for six months. While it is possible to retire to Mexico by RV and not learn Spanish, it is better to take the time to learn the language. Most Mexicans in small towns and cities do not speak English. Learning how to read Spanish is also a good idea, as it will enable one to find places easier.

In order to retire here by an RV, one will need proper paperwork for the vehicle. An international driver’s license is a must, as is a valid vehicle registration in the name of the driver, title of ownership and vehicle permit. The vehicle permit is obtainable at the border. It is valid for the same amount of time as the visa. The issuing of the vehicle permit is mainly to deter the owner from selling or junking the vehicle while in Mexico.


Cost of Retiring in Mexico by an RV

It has been estimated that an RV retiree in the United States will spend around $40,000 a year. However, retiring to Mexico by RV brings down the cost of living drastically. In Mexico, one can buy gasoline at 75 cents a liter. Medical care is half or even a quarter of what it would be in the United States. Groceries are cheap and the average RV Park costs around $17 a night.

It is not hard to retire to Mexico by RV. While one will have to obtain the right paperwork, it is neither hard nor expensive to get a tourist visa and vehicle permit. The cost of living in Mexico is quite low and one will be able to live comfortably on a limited budget.


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