Retire to Phuket to Experience Paradise in Thailand

To retire to Phuket it is important to do your research so that you know what to expect when relocating to a foreign land.   Phuket has been classified as one of the most desirable retirement destinations in Thailand and offers affordable housing and a low cost of living for all necessities.   If you want to be nestled in a land bordering some of the best beaches in the world the choice to retire in Phuket could be a wise one.

As a retiree you must consider the cost of shelter, utilities, and other important necessities.   Consider some of the most important factors before making the choice to retire to Phuket and make an informed decision on where to spend your Golden Years.

Cost of Living

The first thing that comes to mind when deciding whether or not to retire to Phuket should be the cost of living.   When you retire abroad you need to ensure you can afford to do so.   Phuket has become an attractive retirement community for budget-minded retirees because of its low cost of living.   Retirees on a fixed income can live comfortably in Thailand without compromising their quality of life.   Housing is extremely affordable if you live within your means.   A 2-bedroom apartment on the beach can cost anywhere from $500 to $750 a month. If you have a larger monthly budget you can live in the laps of luxury for the cost of the average mortgage in America.

There are also several affordable investment opportunities if you plan on owning real estate.   The average sales price of a luxury condo in Phuket is 64,000 Baht. The housing market has been booming with an increased demand.   You should expect returns on your investment and will pay virtually no property sales tax as it is very low in Thailand.

Visa and Passport Information

If you retire in this part of Thailand you should do research on the visa requirements.   All tourists are required to possess a passport for 6 months beyond their intended length of stay.   A retirement visa for individuals choosing to retire in Phuket must be valid for at least 18 months. With over 30 International checkpoints located throughout Thailand so it is important to keep a valid visa and passport for safety.   Most tourists and potential retirees will qualify for Visa Exemption and will not require a visa prior to entering the country.   In order to be eligible for employment you must have a valid visa.

With a low cost of living and excellent medical care facilities many baby boomers are choosing to retire to Phuket.   If you want a new lifestyle consider the benefits financial and recreational benefits of choosing to retire to Phuket.   With a variety of different outdoor activities and spa services priced at a fraction of the cost in Western societies, you can enjoy your Golden Years without worrying about money.


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