Working With a Retirement Advisor

A retirement advisor can be useful for someone who is not certain where to begin with retirement planning.

Retirees may not be sure about options such as IRAs, 401(k) s, savings accounts and other resources that can help them prepare for retirement, so finding an impartial source who understands all these aspects of planning.

They can also learn the best ways to cut taxes and protect annuities before making any retirement investments.


What Does an Advisor Do?

The goals of an individual advisor may differ with each client, but there are a few that each one should have in common.   For instance, a retirement advisor should help his or her client attain a clear understanding of any financial goals.   The advisor can then help the client generate a path to help the client not only reach these goals but also measure how he or she is coming along on the detailed path.   The retirement advisor should also maintain an active relationship with the client with continual guidance and monitoring of the client’s progress.

The cost of a qualified retirement advisor may depend upon a number of factors including the specific services they provide.   For instance, there may be different fees according to services such as estate conservation, insurance and annuity products, investment management, retirement strategies and tax management.   The fees will also depend upon whether the advisor uses a fee-based system; commission only system, combination of fees and commission or a salary system if he or she works with an established firm.   In any case, the fees will usually be a certain percentage of the amount the client has in his or her account.


Is a Retirement Adviser Really Necessary?

There are certain benefits to using a retirement adviser.   It is important to have an objective view when it comes to making decisions in matters such as retirement that can be highly emotional for the prospective retiree.   One may find an advisor a number of means.   He or she can go to the web and search for local certified retirement planners in the area.   One may also find others who use planners to get recommendations.


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