What are the Basic Retirement Facts About

Important retirement facts that a retiree should know about include social security information, medicare information and options, which states have the lowest tax burden for seniors and what the options are as far as housing.

These facts will help a retiree to be able to make wise decisions regarding where to retire, what type of housing to rent or purchase and what type of medical care or health insurance to seek out.


Social Security and Medicare Information

While there are many websites with information on Social Security and Medicare, a number of policies have changed and therefore some sites may be out of date. For this reason, a person who is looking for retirement facts pertaining to Social Security and Medicare should visit the official government sites www.ssa.gov and www.medicare.gov. These sites not only have up to date information on Medicare and Social Security but also helpful resources such as online application forms, a retirement planner and more.


Tax Information

Retirement information on taxes is important. It will help a person to determine which state he or she should retire in. The website Kiplinger.com shows clearly which states have the best tax burden for seniors. The site also shows which states do and do not tax Social Security benefits as well as which states have low taxes on pensions. These retirement facts will help one determine which state is best to retire in.

While this site does have a comprehensive list of tax information, it is very important for a person to look up information pertaining to his or her personal information. For example, a homeowner or person who is considering buying a house should see what the real estate tax rate is in the city he or she lives in. Those who have a Roth IRA account should know what the tax rate on it will be.


Housing Options and Retirement Facts

A retiree can live in a regular neighborhood or buy a house in a retirement community. Alternately, many retirement communities allow one to rent a room. Such communities provide meals, activities, transportation and medical care for their residents. Those who are considering living in a retirement community should have a look at the site   Retirementcommunitiesonline.com. It has a list of the best retirement communities in each state.

The above mentioned sites are good sources of information on retirement facts that one should know about. By checking out these and other sites, one will be able to see which state is best to retire to, what the best Medicare plan is, what type of housing is the best option and more. Planning for retirement is important, as with proper planning one will be able to live comfortably on a limited budget and enjoy his or her golden years to the full.


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