How to Get Good Retirement Help

Retirement help can enable a person to plan his or her retirement better. Some of the many things that a person may want advice on is where to retire, what type of housing to live in after retirement, (i.e. apartment, retirement home, house, RV, boat), how to save money, whether or not to invest in retirement insurance, what forms of entertainment to get involved in and more.

However, it can be hard to know who to turn to for help. Getting poor advice can lead to one making poor decisions, which can have serious negative consequences. On the other hand, getting good advice from a knowledgeable and objective source will help one to gain a good understanding of what the options are.


Finding Authoritative Websites

The internet contains a wealth of free information that a person planning for retirement would not want to miss out on. However, not all websites contain objective or even accurate retirement help. It is important to distinguish official websites with accurate stats and figures from blogs which often contain a single person’s opinion.

News websites such as and have helpful articles on choosing a good retirement spot.

These articles are written by reporters who are objective and are not trying to promote any one particular place. As the information provided has been thoroughly researched, one can count on it being accurate.

Government websites are also good sources of information. A retiree who wants to find out more about Social Security and Medicare should visit, the official Social Security website for the United States. One can also phone Social Security toll free. It is important to get Social Security and Medicare information directly from the government, as laws and rules change and friends and family may not have accurate or up to date information.


Talking with Experienced Retirees

A person who has retired friends or family should seek counsel from these people. Experience is a great teacher and an experienced retiree will often be able to provide some retirement help and counsel. However, one should remember that each person is different and what works well for one person may not work well for another. For example, one may have old friends who have retired to Mexico and who feel that Mexico is the best place to retire to abroad. However, this does not mean that Mexico is the best place to retire to for everyone.

Getting help during retirement is important. Decisions that are made at the onset of retirement can have long term consequences. The best places to seek retirement help from are government and official websites. Sites that offer unbiased, well researched advice, figures and tips can be valuable sources of information that will help one to make wise retirement decisions.

Experienced retirees can also be a good source of retirement help, but one should remember that a friend’s opinion will be based on his or her experience. As each person is different, one will need to take the retirement help and advice offered by a friend with a grain of salt and see if the suggestions provided are truly the best course of action.


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