An Introduction to Retirement Homes

Retirement homes have much to offer any retiree. Such a home will offer either single room apartments or suites with a number of rooms. The other facilities in the building are communal and shared by all residents. Recreational opportunities, meals and a certain level of medical care are provided by the retirement home. While a retirement home is similar in some ways to a retirement community, the two are not quite the same. A retirement community offers separate homes while in a retirement home, everyone lives in the same building. An individual or couple can either rent or buy a room in a retirement home.


The Advantages of Living in a Retirement Home

There are many advantages to living in a retirement home. They are often more affordable and can enable one’s ‘nest egg’ to go further.

In a retirement home, one would not need to worry about cooking, home maintenance, the upkeep of the garden, or other issues.

A fair bit of medical care is provided; in fact, some homes for retirees provide 24/7 assistance to those who sign up for it.



Where are the Best Homes for Retirees?

The best homes for seniors are the ones that meet the specific needs of their residents. It is important to realize that a retirement home that is ideal for one person may not meet the needs of another. Many opt for a retirement home that is located in a state with a pleasant year round climate. However, beachfront retirement homes are often the most expensive, especially if they offer other costly amenities such as a golf course. On the other hand, there are many of them in the Northern United States that are also well furnished, comfortable and reasonably priced.


The Tel Hai Retirement Home is located in Honeybrook, Pennsylvania. It provides extensive medical care and assisted living for retirees in need. Tel Hai also offers a multitude of activities and programs. This retirement home has a media room, swimming pool, spa, fitness room, garden and much more. There are several rooming options to choose from; the cost of a Tel Hai Retirement Home room ranges from $275 – $290 per day. While there are many community programs available, each retiree is free to choose what he or she would like to do.


Tara Gardens and Arrowood Lane are located in the warm and sunny state of Kansas. These homes offer 24/7 assistance to their residents. Each resident has his or her private room; however, the dining room and living room are communal. Meals are served by the staff and many varied activities are provided. Transportation to the city is also provided on a regular basis for those who have a scheduled appointment or would simply like to be out and about town. The cost of living at either of these two homes would depend on how much assistance one would need.

There are many retirement homes to choose from in any given state in the U.S. One should consider all the options carefully and choose the one that best suits his or her needs and budget. It is also important to consider the state’s tax policies, as a pension in some states stretches further than it would in others. By taking all factors into consideration, one can choose the most suitable retirement home in which to enjoy his or her old age.


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