Where Can I Find Good Retirement Info

Retirement info online is not hard to find, if you know where to look. There are a number of authoritative websites that provide helpful information about retirement that one will need when planning for retirement.

Some important information that one will want to look up includes information on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, information on the cost of living by state and the exact cost of living abroad in the country of your choice.

You may also want to find tax information, information on retirement communities and information on buying a house, RV and/or boat. Becoming knowledgeable about various retirement options is always a good idea, as this enables one to make wise decisions.

Sites with Good Retirement Information on Medical Matters

If you need to find information on Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare, then visit www.ssa.gov. This is the official Social Security website. The information provided on this site will always be accurate and up to date. If there is something you do not understand, then call the toll free number listed on the site. If you need regular medical care and are not sure which hospital would be the best option, then health.usnews.com is a good article to look through. It has a list of hospitals in the United States and lists which ones are the best in any given area of health (i.e. cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, rheumatology, etc.)


Sites with Good Financial Retirement Info

If you are not sure which state you want to retire in, then check out the webpage money.bundle.com. It has detailed information on how much the average retiree spends in every single state in the United States. It also lists cost of living details for major cities in the U.S.

f you are considering moving abroad and are looking for similar information of this nature, then the website www.numbeo.com has helpful information on how much it costs to live in various countries and cities around the world.

It is also a good idea to find out about the tax burden in any given state. The site portal.kiplinger.com offers some very helpful retirement info that is sure to benefit any retiree. This particular site not only lists the ten states with the lowest tax burden but also provides good information what types of taxes various states have and which states are good retirement destinations.


Finding a Good Retirement Community

If you are looking for retirement info that deals with choosing a community to live in, then www.activeadultliving.com is a good site to check out. It lists retirement communities in the United States, Canada and Mexico. One can sort through communities by country, state and residence type.


In Summary

When looking for information on retirement online, these and other sites can provide the resources that you need. It is important to look into various aspects of retirement such as where to retire, where to go for good medical care and how to save money. The retirement info provided by the sites mentioned above can help one to make wise retirement decisions, save a considerable amount of money and enjoy retirement to the full.


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