Retirement Jobs for Seniors

Retirement jobs for people 50 and over can range from consultants to school teachers depending upon the qualifications and time commitments retirees have to devote to work among other factors. When looking for or choosing a position, it is important that the seeker consider his or her overall retirement needs such as any extra income needed and how much control he or she has over work terms. Whether out of necessity or personal fulfillment, getting a job during the retirement years does not have to be difficult.


Types of Jobs Available to Retirees

Professionals who have spent years building their expertise in a certain area may get the most out of retirement jobs such as consultant. One’s age can be a benefit in this particular position because knowledge is the key element one sells. It also offers a great amount of control to the retiree in when and where one works. Furthermore, it can also be lucrative enough to help one enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Other kinds of jobs include such jobs such as innkeeper or bed and breakfast manager as well as other jobs that offer the opportunity to interact with others such as a tour guide or customer greeter in a local store. Those with creative ambitions may want to work with arts and crafts to sell their own products or interior design. These types of retirement work may not pay as much, but the trade off is usually the personal satisfaction one gets.


Do Retirement Jobs Affect Social Security?

Many may be afraid to look into these jobs because they are afraid it will have an adverse effect on their social security benefits. Full retirement age is now 66, so those who retire before then are considered taking early retirement. In this case, one must pay a social security tax on an income of more than $12,000 or $14,000. The maximum benefit one can receive with social security will depend upon age.

Right now, the average monthly benefit for a retired worker is less than $1200 a month, but this amount can change from month to month. This should be kept in mind as one decides whether it is a good idea to continue working during the retirement years. For many, retirement jobs are not so much about the income they bring but rather the desire to remain active, so working after retiring is a highly personal choice.


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