Retirement Statistics That One Should be Aware Of

Retirement statistics are important. They help to give one a good idea of what retirement trends are, which can enable one to know where to retire and when.

Studying statistics on retirement does not mean that one has to do what everyone else is doing. In fact, retirement hot spots often become quite expensive as more and more people go there.

On the other hand, knowing what the average retirement age is, what are some popular retirement spots and activities and whether retirees are staying in the States or moving abroad is important.


General Statistics

Statistics currently show that between 92,000 and 120,000 people retiree every year. However, this figure only includes retirees from the ages of 55 and 65; it does not include those who retiree early on in life or later in life. It is also important to note that this figure will probably rise as baby boomers get older and start to retire. The United States Census Bureau has determined that the average retirement age is 62, even though retirement benefits such as Social Security and Medicare do not kick in for at least another three years.

Statistics: Where do Retirees Go?

According to, the cities in the United States with the highest number of retirees are Laguna Woods, California; King’s Point, Florida; Sun City, Arizona; Pinehurst Village, North Carolina and Bella Vista, Arkansas. The website lists the five most popular retirement states; these are Florida, Texas, Arizona, California and Georgia.

It is interesting to note that a study in 2005 showed that about 80% of retirees preferred to stay in the city or town of residence instead of moving elsewhere. However, these retirement statistics are changing. A more recent study done by the Brookings Institution indicates that this trend is changing as young baby boomers are starting to retire. Today’s retirees are more adventuresome than their counterparts were in times past. Some places that are expected to becoming popular retirement spot in the future are Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Colorado.


Statistics: Retiring Abroad

There are many popular retirement destinations abroad. Retirement statistics show that many American retirees favor Mexico, Costa Rica and English speaking nations such as New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Those who are more adventuresome often choose retirement hot spots in Asia such as Thailand and Malaysia. Interestingly, the countries which are most popular with British retirees are Italy, Spain and the United States.

A person who is planning his or her retirement should take the time to look over current retirement statistics. This will help one to make well informed decisions regarding retirement. Popular retirement spots will likely become more and more expensive as time goes by, so a person with a limited income should take this into consideration. On the other hand, a retiree who enjoys making new friends and having an active social life will want to choose a retirement spot with plenty of people his or her age. In short, retirement statistics help one to find the retirement destination he or she is looking for.


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