Retirement Work Opportunities

Retirement work can be very fulfilling for those who wish to remain active during this time in their lives. While some may want to find work in order to fill the days, some may actually need the work to supplement an income. Those who simply want to participate in some activity can consider volunteer work that is friendly toward retirees. Others may want to look at jobs that fit the special needs and concerns of people 50 and over that allows them to scale back but continue working.


Available Work for Retirees

Not only are at least 20% of people currently working retirement jobs, but about 75% of people expect to have retirement work when they come of age. A growing number of retirees are considering self employment and online work because not only are they their own bosses, but they are also likely to do something they always wanted to do such as work with arts and crafts or other personal passions.

For retirees who are not choosy about retirement work, there are several positions that just may be ideal. One can work as a tour guide, some other kind of customer service job. Many retirees seem to prefer jobs such as teaching and non-profit work because of the personal satisfaction such jobs offer. Some even try other endeavors in order to do something they have never before done such as running or managing a bed and breakfast.

However, given their choice, most retirees would prefer to have work as a consultant. The amount of control involved with this position is quite alluring as well as the potential salary that can come with such a position. Furthermore, one’s age can be seen as an asset where knowledge and experience count for so much. Those who do not need the extra income can even consider consulting for small businesses or non profits with limited means.


Some Cons of Retirement Work

Although having a job can give a retiree personal satisfaction in life, working during retirement can also have a negative effect on his or her financial situation. An extra income in addition to retirement benefits can put a worker in a higher tax bracket and he or she becomes responsible for those taxes. There could also be ramifications in terms of health care, pension and Social Security benefits for those who stay on a current job after retirement.


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