Practical Ways for Retiring on the Cheap in Seattle

Retiring on the cheap in Seattle, which is one of the most livable cities in the country, may seem nearly impossible, given the city’s high cost of living. However, many retirees have succeeded in living comfortably in Seattle, and others can do the same. Seattle offers affordable housing, a rich culture, and is home to numerous libraries and museums. It is also one of the healthiest places in the country, with bike paths and an urban trekking system that fosters healthy living.

Retiring Cheap in Seattle: Meals and Housing

Housing expenses is heavier on retirees who are merely relying on their retirement benefits. To solve this problem, the city offers low income housing for retirees. A top choice for most retirees is SHAG, short for Senior Housing Assistance Group. The group provides modern apartment buildings for retirees and seniors who fall within the lower middle income bracket. The rent is low, but the units are clean, nice and well-furnished, with buildings equipped with such facilities as recreation and game rooms, fitness rooms, and arts and crafts rooms.

Another option is public housing. Seattle has 23 units of public low-income housing in various neighborhoods for seniors, retirees, and the disabled. These buildings are also well-maintained, with well-stocked libraries, community rooms, and game rooms.

The city also offers subsidized senior housing offered through Alaska House, a privately-owned but HUD-subsidized facility that is run like a private apartment. Retirees planning on retiring cheap in Seattle can save on meals by asking for food assistance from the social services office, which provides $40 a month for meals.

There are also food banks and food assistance programs offered by churches and local communities that provide meals for the elderly and retirees. For those who still prefer to buy their own food at a lower cost, farmers’ markets are also good options. Coupons for free or discounted meals are also offered by most websites and restaurants.


Retiring on the Cheap in Seattle: Transportation, Culture and Entertainment

Transportation costs can be cut low by ditching the car and walking instead. Most retirees love to walk since this is also a good way to keep healthy, and the city is crisscrossed by walking paths that cut through parks and commercial areas. For long-distance transportation, the best option is public transportation, which offers discounts to seniors through monthly seniors passes, which can also be used when traveling on water.

The city also offers the Access Program for seniors, which uses lift-equipped buses and vans to transport seniors to various destinations in the city. Retirees who are planning on retiring in Seattle can still enjoy the cultural pleasures that the city has to offer. Museums are free to everyone and they can get reduced price tickets to theaters and sports events from Ticket Window and Goldstar.

The cost of living, specifically the cost of housing, meals and transportation are factors that retirees need to consider when choosing a city where they can enjoy their golden years in peace. Fortunately, the city has a lot to offer senior citizens who plan on retiring on the cheap in Seattle, such as affordable housing, a lively cultural scene and varied senior assistance programs. By using practical means to lower costs on housing, meals, and other living costs, retirees can spend their golden years enjoying the perks of living in one of the most livable cities in the country.


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