What One Should Know About Retiring to Mexico

Retiring to Mexico has many advantages. It is near the United States, obtaining a visa is not difficult, the cost of living is low and the country has much to offer a retiree. However, one should never move to a new country without learning a bit about it and seeing if it is truly the right retirement destination for him or her. Following are some important things to know about retiring in Mexico.



What are the Best Retirement Spots?

Mexico has many cities and towns that are excellent for retirement. One of the best places to retire in Mexico is Lake Ajijic. This area has many gated communities that are not only comfortable but also safe. The lake front is beautiful and there are plenty of hiking, boating and biking opportunities. A retiree who wants to live in a large city will appreciate Cuernavaca and all it has to offer. The city has beautiful beaches, golf courses, vibrant clubs and restaurants as well as high quality medical care at a low cost.


How Much Does Retiring to Mexico Cost?

The costs of retiring to this country are quite low. One bedroom apartments can be rented for less than $300 while a three bedroom apartment costs about $500 a month to rent.

A person retiring to Mexico can also purchase an apartment; prices vary depending on where one wants to live but the average cost of buying an apartment comes to around $800 per square meter.

Utilities and internet come to $120 a month while gasoline costs 74 cents a liter. Eating out is a bit pricey but groceries are quite cheap. High quality medical care costs only half of what it would in the United States.


What are the Requirements for Retiring in Mexico?

A person who wants to retire to Mexico will need to obtain a passport and then a visa. While tourist visas for Mexico are issued at the United States-Mexico border, long term visas must be obtained from a Mexican consulate. If a retiree is taking an RV or other vehicle into Mexico, he or she will need an international driver’s license and a vehicle permit. Learning Spanish is not a must but it is advisable, as most Mexicans do not speak fluent English.

Retiring to Mexico has many advantages. Mexico has good weather year round, many forms of entertainment and numerous tourist attractions. It is already a popular destination for retirees from the United States and EU. Retiring to Mexico enables one to live comfortably on a limited budget and enjoy retirement to the full.


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