Methods of Saving at an Expensive Resort

Saving at an expensive resort is not impossible. While some people spend tens of thousands of dollars while on vacation, one can in fact enjoy a vacation at an expensive resort for only a fraction of this price. With proper planning and budgeting, it is possible to enjoy a high end vacation at a relatively low cost. Following are four ways to save money while staying at an expensive resort.


Book the Resort as Part of a Package Deal

Saving money at an expensive resort abroad starts with the booking. One should take advantage of the many online booking services that allow one to book airfare and hotel at the same time.

Obtaining airfare and accommodations as part of the same package can save one a lot of money. Many online booking services offer discounted rates on expensive resorts for those who book airfare and accommodation as a package deal.

In many cases, these discounted deals must be booked well in advance, although there are some sites that offer ‘last minute’ package deals that enable one to save a lot of money both on airfare and accommodations.


Travel During Off Season

Saving money at an expensive resort is much easier when vacationing off season.

The cost of accommodation and food is much lower when there are not thousands of other tourists around.

In addition, one will not have to deal with overcrowded beaches, restaurants and shops.


Avoid Eating and Shopping at the Resort

Inexpensive spending at an expensive resort is next to impossible if one eats at the resort restaurant. Most resort restaurants charge a high price for meals.

However, outside the resort there are often a number of restaurants that offer good food at a much lower price than the resort restaurant.


A person that is interested in saving at an expensive resort should also avoid buying anything at the resort itself. Snacks, souvenirs, beach toys and other items all cost more at the resort than they would at a shop outside the resort. A person should also pack carefully before heading off to a resort. Bring everything that will be needed for the vacation so as to avoid buying anything while staying at the resort.


Look Into Group Discounts

Many resorts offer group discounts. Traveling in a large group is not only a good way of saving at an expensive resort but also makes the vacation more enjoyable. The details of a group discount vary from resort to resort, so be sure to check on this well in advance of booking a vacation. A family traveling with children can also in some cases qualify for a discounted rate.

Saving money at an expensive resort is doable. By booking wisely, booking as a group and avoiding expensive resort restaurants and shops, one can save a considerable amount of money. Traveling off season is ideal, as accommodation and food will automatically cost much less than it would during peak season. While finding ways of saving money while on vacation takes some planning and work, it is well worth the effort.


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