Advantages of Senior Independent Living

Senior independent living can be a great solution for older folks who are having trouble determining which is the most appropriate living arrangement. While seniors may feel that they do not need to live in (and take care of) the old family home anymore, they might be resistant to the idea of assisted living.

While it is important to plan for the future, our senior citizens also have the right to enjoy their golden years in whatever way they see fit. Some elderly folks move in with their children and their families, but this is not always the best option for everyone involved. Ongoing medical concerns and reduced mobility are other important factors.

Seniors would often benefit from more personalized health care and specialized facilities, but they are not ready to sacrifice independence and completely hand over the reins to an assisted living facility.


Social Living among Peers

Many management companies around the country have taken note of this cultural need and have designed a service called independent living for seniors which is intended to bridge the gap. In this model for senior living, seniors who are capable of living on their own but who would enjoy more interaction with their peers congregate into a community of conjoined apartments with other seniors. This allows an individual to consolidate expenses while living in an environment that offers autonomous spaces designed for the elderly. Many independent living facilities for seniors combine well-designed living spaces with social, educational, and recreational activities.

Some senior independent living facilities are very basic while others will include a pool or spa, workout room, game room, library, and a dining hall where residents can meet and talk. Often there are organized activities as well including book clubs, investment groups, lecturers, and museum visits. While some people would prefer a simple independent living unit, others are attracted to the combination of independent living with optional group activities and social areas.


Reducing Logistical Concerns

Because most senior citizens will eventually face increased medical concerns, many of these facilities include a medical wing or visiting care givers. This is a good way to prepare for the future so that potentially serious medical concerns won’t require a sudden drastic change in living arrangements. Deciding to move to an apartment and living ¬†independently can be a huge relief for many senior citizens, because it takes care in advance of many troubling logistical details that will only become more difficult to deal with as time goes on.

Independent living by Seniors are not regulated by state or federal law, and so the particulars offered will vary from one facility to another. Residencies that emphasize organized social activities and community living are generally referred to as retirement communities, while those that simply offer living units are called senior apartments. Some facilities offer everything from van and laundry service to 4th of July cookouts while others offer little more than a common room, with every variation in the middle. Some facilities are age inclusive, meaning that they will accept younger residents as well as the elderly. Age exclusive units require that all residents be above a certain age, usually 55 years old.


Costs Versus Benefits

Most senior independent living facilities are sold or rented at market rates. This can still offer seniors the ability to reduce their living expenses by selling a large home in favor of a smaller apartment. Some facilities are subsidized for low income elders, and some will accept section 8 vouchers. Medicare and Medicade cannot be used as they do not pay for living expenses. If a particular residency has a medical wing or medical workers, the service price will generally not be included in the basic living cost. Often, however, there are special deals available to residents as well as installment plans.

While independent living arrangements will not be ideal for everyone, many elderly folk enjoy the security of living in a safe and well equipped facility while being surrounded by their peers. Because services can vary greatly from one place to the next, it is important to research the options ahead of time.

Senior living independently can be a great way to reconnect with an active community of peers while removing the burdens of living in an isolated house or with younger families that aren’t equipped to handle the special needs of elders. Some seniors will experience something like a second youth through independent living where they can make new acquaintances and focus on their hobbies without having to worry anymore about everyday chores and logistics.


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