Transition to Retirement and Adjustments

The transition to retirement requires more adjustment than many people expect or realize. A mental adjustment is in order, and there are physical and emotional adjustments to be made as well. Many individuals do not realize just how big a change retirement is until they come of retirement age and realize the transition that needs to be made. Following are some very important things to keep in mind regarding retirement and all that it entails.


New Activities

One of the joys of retirement is being able to engage in new activities. One will be able to travel whenever he or she pleases. A person will also be able to spend at much time with family and friends as he or she likes. Those who enjoy a particular hobby will be able to pursue this hobby while those who have always wanted to learn a particular skill will be able to take the time needed to study this skill.



Planning is imperative to having a smooth transition to retirement. Many retirees simply do not know what to do with their time after they have retired. In fact, taking care of the house and yard is one of the main activities of some retirees, according to Timothy Ferris in “The 4-Hour Workweek.” While caring for the house and yard is indeed important, there are much better ways in which one can its free time.

Besides traveling or learning a new hobby, one can spend extra time with family and friends, or even do volunteer work at a local non-profit institution.


It is wise to make a “transition to retirement” plan outlining goals and desires for the upcoming years.


Monetary Concerns

When making the transition to retirement, it is important to take monetary concerns into consideration. Most pension plans do not pay as much as a regular salary would, so a person will either need to fall back on personal savings and investments or live frugally in order to stretch his or her pension. It is very important for a person who is planning to retire to analyze what his or her finances will be like during retirement. If necessary, one can invest in retirement insurance to ensure that his or her pension stretches further than it would have otherwise.

Those who are making the transition to retirement can look forward to having more free time.

However, how this time is spent is up to the individual. A wise person will plan his or her retirement carefully and not only analyzing his or her finances but also list new things that he or she would like to enjoy during retirement.


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