Vacation Specials Just For You

Vacation specials for retirees allow senior citizens to enjoy traveling at a low cost. There are various vacation packages of this nature, as cruise companies, tour companies, inns and hotels are eager to provide special deals for senior citizens. Following is some helpful information on how to find and qualify for a special vacation deal.


Cruise Packages

A cruise is a great way to relax and travel to various countries. Cruise ships offer numerous fun activities and provide seniors with the opportunity to make new friends from various walks of life. A senior citizen can access a wide range of special cruise vacations by signing up to the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).

The AARP has worked out special vacation deals with the Carnival, Crystal, Holland America, Norwegian and Windstar cruise companies.

AARP members can get $100 on-board credit with either the Norwegian or Crystal. Holland America provides $100 on-board credit plus a Pinnacle Grill dining experience; Carnival provides $100 on-board credit plus champagne, chocolates and a bottle of wine.



Many active senior citizens enjoy not only traveling but also taking part in meaningful activities. Road Scholar, (formerly known as Elderhostel) offers a wide variety of cheap vacation packages costing about $600 per person. Holiday destinations include Europe, South Asia and Africa.


Specialized Vacations

Those looking for cheap vacation specials may want to consider a culinary or wine vacation package. It offers one the opportunity to sample various dishes and types of wine and is an enjoyable way to spend a vacation. The cost of a wine or culinary vacation for a senior citizens is often less than $500.

Senior citizens who enjoy learning new things may want to take part in the “Study and Travel” seminar offered by the Center for Global Education in Minnesota. Which includes an enjoyable walk around a historical site and learn about its culture.

Senior citizens who are looking for vacation treats will find that there are many companies that provide discounts for those who are retired. Some of these companies cater specifically to the needs of senior citizens while others simply provide special discounts for those who are over a certain age. A senior citizen simply needs to look over the vacation specials that are available and choose the one that best suits his or her needs and budget.


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