Five Reasons Why You Should Retire to Missouri

The reasons why you should retire to Missouri are many. Missouri is a small southern state that has much to offer to any retiree.

While it is not one of the most popular states to retire to, thousands of retirees have come to Missouri and are convinced that it is the best possible spot to spend the golden years.

Following are five reasons why you should consider retiring to Missouri.


Low Cost of Living

Missouri is the best place to retire in if you have a limited pension or simply want to live frugally. The state has a low tax burden, a house can be purchased for just under $150,000 and a retiree couple can live comfortably on $3,300 a month. Social security income is not taxed unless it exceeds $100,000.


Quality of Life is High

If you are wondering why you should retire to Missouri, then take a minute to consider what type of lifestyle you want to live. If you want to live a relaxed, slow paced life that is comfortable and enjoyable, then Missouri is the place for you. Missouri has many small cities that are ideal for retirees. These small cities are safe, friendly places to retire in.


Many Things to Do

As a retiree you will find that you have a lot of time on your hands. One reason why you should retire to this US city is that there are many things to do. If you enjoy outdoor sports and activities, then you will find plenty of hunting, hiking, fishing, boating and golfing opportunities in Missouri. There are also modern amenities such as theaters, malls, historic sites and more.


Excellent Weather

When considering why you should retire to Missouri, you will naturally want to think about what the weather is like. While Missouri’s weather is not as hot as Florida’s, Arizona’s or California’s, it is quite hot in the summer and winters are not overly cold. Missouri in fact has very nice weather with summer highs of 89 degrees and winter lows of 17 degrees.



High Quality Health Care

One of the main reasons why should you retire to Missouri is that the state provides high quality health care. Missouri has several award winning medical centers such as SSM Health Care Saint Louis and Saint Luke’s Health System. A retiree will want to live near a good health center, especially if he or she has a health condition. Popular retirement towns in Missouri such as Chesterfield, Jefferson City and Joplin have more than one large hospital right in the city.

There are many reasons why you should retire to Missouri. Missouri has a low cost of living, good weather overall, high quality health care and plenty of outdoor and indoor activities. The state has a friendly ambiance, especially if one opts to live in one of the many small towns that are popular with many retirees. While Missouri is not perfect and does have its downsides, the reasons why you should retire to Missouri outweigh any disadvantages.


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